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If you are a burned survivor or a parent or guardian of a burned survivor under the age of eighteen and need help from the Burned Children Recovery Foundation, you are not alone and we are here for you. We have many ways you can contact us for assistance on this page.


If you need immediate help and don’t have a computer, call our toll free Burned Survivor Support Line: 


1-800-799-BURN (2876)

Most common things the BCRF Funds are used for:

1. Transportation and lodging costs for the child’s hospital and clinic visits.

2. Counseling and out of pocket medical costs, bandages, compression garments, prescriptions, etc.

3. Outside activity costs including - sports, dance, band and school activities to help prevent reclusion.

4. Funding to attend our recovery center named "Phoenix House" for high trauma and recluse children.

5. Return to School assistance and school clothing/shoes to help build self-esteem and Pride.

6. Funding to attend the National Burned Children's Camp Phoenix helping the child build life-time friendships.

7. Burned Survivors Toll Free Helpline to help with the day-to-day problems.

To Apply for Financial Aid

1. Your child must be burned and under the age of eighteen.


2. Your child must live in the United States.


3. Parent or Guardian of the child must submit a written request for assistance.


You as a parent or family member need to know - A burn victim will need all of your support and strength now. Be strong, be confident and be Loving.


You need to control your emotions and expressions! Keep a smile or at least a confident look on your face. Remember that your child or family member is still the same person they were before the fire and you need to love them in that manner.


From the first second you talk to them you need to let them know it will be OK and that you will be there with them.


If your child or family member can hear and talk to you, then they have not given up, and that means you don’t either. Most survivors go on to live wonderfully happy and fulfilled lives after fire and burns have changed their lives forever.

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