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Programs: What We Offer

Burned Children Recovery Foundation offers many programs to benefit those who have been burned and their families. 


Unique support from experienced burn survivors who understand the trauma the children are going through. The credibility of having walked in their shoes helps the children to trust and feel comfortable asking questions and seek support and understanding in dealing with personal difficulties. This support helps the children through the transition from victim to a survivor.


Re-entry back into their home is where the healing begins. Our aim is to help parents avoid major mistakes that will slow down their children's re-entry back into society. For example, many parents will hide their children behind doors, because the parents cannot deal with the public's reaction to their child's appearance. This teaches the child to feel anger. Some parents will hide their child from negative reactions, thus the child feels sheltered and powerless on how to deal with negative responses.


Necessary tools are provided to the children to help them learn the skills they need to cope with many obstacles that stand in their way of recovery. Pain and fear of their changed physical appearance and physical limitations, depression, frustration, anxiety, and overwhelming panic attacks are some of the feelings we help the burn survivor understand. We offer this needed care to children and their family by providing counseling and information to help the parent and burn survivor to make informed decisions that will impact the rest of their life. The support is intended to speed up the healing and return the burn survivor to a full, productive life.


We Provide Emotional Support and Financial Aid to the children and their families during the recovery process or until age eighteen.


Toll free helpline:

1-800-799-BURN (2876)


What We Fund

  • Providing each family with free counseling & recovery costs                

  • Transportation, meals and lodging to and from the hospital

  • Camp Phoenix and airfare fee

  • Return to school program    

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